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Does Your Workshop Have This Essential Supporting Equipment?

When you’re looking for ways to give your workshop a boost, it’s easy to focus on the obvious upgrades: the vehicle lifts and testing equipment you use every day.

But there’s a whole world of supporting equipment that makes life easier (and safer) for your teams — and they’re not always obvious when you’re shopping around.

Here are the essential bits of kit that every workshop needs — whether they know it or not:


Axle Stands

If you’re looking for flexibility when you’re servicing heavy vehicles, it doesn’t get better than our Totalkare Mobile Column Lifts.

But just like any other lift that raises vehicles from the wheels, you won’t always get the full access you need — to the wheels themselves, or the suspension and surrounding systems.

So, to help your teams get complete access to your vehicles, you can use a simple and affordable accessory alongside your mobile column lift.

By attaching a Totalkare Axle Stand near the wheel you need to work on, you can safely remove a single lifting column, opening up the wheel and its surrounding components so your technicians can carry out the checks and maintenance they need.

With the Axle Stand securely holding a portion of the vehicle’s weight, your teams can give your vehicles a complete service from front to back — without any need to lower the vehicle or take any extra risks.


Brake Trucks

When you’re dealing with heavy-duty vehicles, you’re dealing with heavy components. And when one technician is working alone, it can be nearly impossible to handle and move those heavy components.

(And regardless of what’s possible, it’s definitely not safe.)

That’s why smart workshops invest in dedicated equipment that can take the weight of heavy-duty components — like our Brake Truck II, which is specifically designed to help a lone technician as they disassemble axle box hubs, brake discs, and top brake calipers.

With a capacity of up to 140kg, it’s an ideal piece of kit for working on some of the heaviest components and heaviest vehicles around, including all types of buses, trucks, and industrial vehicles.

But it’s not just about making life easier for your staff:

It’s about making the job safer — and minimising the risk of injury or harm.

No matter how strong your workers are, their backs won’t last long against a weight of 140kg — and neither will their toes if the component slips from their grip.

So, to keep your technicians safe (and your components intact), they should always be using a dedicated tool that can safely take the extreme weight of the components they’re working on.

And as an added bonus:

Our Brake Trucks can reduce the time spent on disassembly by up to 70%. So, as well as improved safety, it’s a massive boost to your productivity, too.


Transmission Jacks

If your teams shouldn’t be handling the brake discs of heavy vehicles, then they definitely shouldn’t be handling engines and gearboxes.

But in some situations, there’s only one option — and that’s to remove these larger components from the underside of your vehicles.

With a heavy-duty Transmission Jack that’s designed to work perfectly with our Mobile Column Lifts, you can bring a sturdy and reliable platform directly underneath your raised vehicles — so you can safely remove the gearboxes and engines from heavy-duty vehicles without any strain or risk to your workers.

And the best part?

Our Transmission Jacks are designed for the highest level of versatility — so they’re suitable for a wide variety of heavy-duty commercial vehicles.

With a maximum capacity of either 1,000kg or 2,000kg, you can safely remove some of the heaviest vehicle components out there. And with a flexible ‘tilt and turn’ adaptor as standard, you can get the precise positioning you need to line up your Transmission Jack perfectly with all kinds of different vehicles and different undersides.


Hydraulic Presses

When you’re working on heavy-duty vehicles, there are some tasks that need an incredible amount of force to get the job done — from straightening frames and pressing bearings to cutting and punching into metal materials.

And when you’re dealing with forces at such a high level, you need a piece of equipment with the highest level of safety features.

Our Totalkare Hydraulic Presses run from capacities of 16,000kg up to 100,000kg — and every one of our models comes with the same high standards for operator safety, including:

  • A built-in pressure gauge at eye level
  • A built-in safety overload valve
  • A high-speed and precise pneumatic ram
  • And a high-strength welded frame and press table.

And the result?

No matter how strong the forces involved, you can be sure that your teams have the protection they need — with minimal risk to the technician that’s using it.


Looking for a heavy-duty upgrade?

These are just a few of the most essential bits of supporting kit — and they should be top of the list for any commercial workshop that’s looking to keep their teams safe.

So if you’re ready to upgrade the tools your teams use (or the equipment you have is getting long in the tooth), check out our full range of heavy-duty workshop equipment in our online shop — or chat with one of the Totalkare team to find exactly what your business needs.