Diversity of application keeps Totalkare lifts raising standards

diversity of application

Heavy-duty vehicle lift solutions are being increasingly used across new applications according to one of the industry’s leading authorities.

TotalKare, which provides heavy duty workshop equipment including mobile column lifts, fixed post lifts and brake testers, has seen a major rise in the number of requests for its expertise in sectors including modular construction, ground handling at airports and industrial equipment.

The latter was in the spotlight recently when it worked in partnership with Grundfos Engineering to create a bespoke modification that facilitates the safe lifting of packaged plant rooms.

Previously, the company was completing this task by lifting onto skates, in order to move them into the test facility and outdoors for dispatch. This was achieved by lifting on multiple jacks, operated by different people simultaneously – a tricky task that requires lifting and lowering at precisely the same time and speed to avoid the potential for load tipping.

Specially adapted plates

Technical experts from TotalKare came up with the solution of specially designed adaptor plates that have transformed a set of six cable-free T8DC mobile column lifts into a practical device that is fit for Grundfos Engineering’s requirements.

More commonly used for raising heavy duty vehicles, these lifts provide high capacity lifting of 7,500kg per column, offering the ability to support a load of up to 45,000kg safely above head height with a set of six.

Radio synchronisation and battery power provide a cable-free environment and the ability for reliable, simultaneous lifting, requiring operation from just one column.

“Traditionally, our products have been extensively used across the commercial vehicle, bus and coach and heavy-duty vehicle markets,” explained Tristan Johnston, Product Manager at TotalKare.

“Whilst these will always be our core targets, we have seen a major surge in other areas where our lifts – with a few design modifications – can be used to provide much-needed solutions in other fields.”

He continued: “The Grundfos Engineering story is the perfect example of how we can work. First, we visit the customer to ascertain their requirements and the end application, before our technical department designs a suitable adaptation.

“The specially adapted plates fit over the wheel forks and transformed the load bearing component of the lifts into a flat base, creating a sturdy support for the pumps.”

A safer solution

Ryan Appleby, Senior Engineer at Grundfos Engineering, added his support: “We were impressed with TotalKare’s can-do response to our unusual lifting enquiry. There was a need to find an alternative safer solution and it came up with a way where we can reduce the manual handling risk, the number of employees involved and, importantly, the risk of the packaged plant room tipping. We are very happy with the new method.”

TotalKare has also been helping to keep flights on time and holidaymakers moving at Gatwick Airport.

The company, which recently launch its first ever in-ground and mobile brake testers, has developed a bespoke modification to its T8DC wireless mobile column lifts, that Rushlift is using to repair and service vital ground support equipment (GSE), including tugs and tractors and passenger boarding steps/stairs.

This involved a site survey to understand the different challenges faced by the high capacity lifting of these unique vehicles, before technical specialists came up with infill plates and drive on ramps that could be fitted to the lifts.

The modification means nearly all types of GSE can be maintained using one set of lifts, whilst the design of the lifts ensures they can be packed away leaving the workshop clear.

Tristan concluded: “Regardless of the end application, the one feature that is consistent throughout is the quality of our products and this ensures safe lifting in workshops and construction facilities all over the UK.”