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D E Talbot bring Brake Testing in-house with Bespoke Solution from Totalkare

Worcestershire-based D E Talbot Transport Limited (D E Talbot) is set for increased productivity following an investment in bespoke brake testing equipment from Totalkare.

The family business offers transport, recycling, and landfill services across Worcestershire, aiming to reduce the rate of aggregates and soils ending up in landfill sites unnecessarily.

With a fleet of heavy duty vehicles to regularly maintain, the outsourcing of brake testing became unprofitable for the business. D E Talbot had already been maintaining its vehicles using Totalkare’s SVL mobile column lifts for many years, so turned to the UK lifting and testing equipment experts again for support with sourcing their new brake tester.

D E Talbot was seeking a permanent installation, but space and logistical limitations made an in-ground model inviable. Instead, a bespoke solution that involved ground-recessing a mobile brake tester was delivered.

George Georgiou, Area Sales Manager at Totalkare explained: “This customer had a specific and unique requirement for their brake tester. Combining elements of our in-ground and mobile brake testers, we were able to identify a bespoke solution. We created a recessed area within which to install a custom-fit mobile unit. This solution provides D E Talbot with the fixed and permanent set up of an in-ground model, combined with the compact and non-disruptive design of the mobile brake tester.”

Supplied with a tablet that enables brake tests to be conducted from the comfort of the driver’s seat, Totalkare’s mobile and in-ground brake testers can test up to 20,000kg per axle and can be customised with tachograph calibration, load simulation and play detection.

With 7,000kg safe working load per column, D E Talbot’s set of mobile column lifts provide reliable heavy duty lifting for the busy workshop. The SVL lifts are one of the older model’s in Totalkare’s range and can be purchased pre-owned and fully refurbished by skilled Totalkare engineers. In comparison, Totalkare’s latest mobile column lifts provide 7,500kg lifting capacity per column, with cabled, cable-free and galvanised wash bay versions available.

D E Talbot’s equipment is supported through a Totalkare Afterkare service plan, which includes regular service and calibration visits.

Bob Talbot, Director at D E Talbot said: “We recognised a need to bring our brake testing in-house, but had certain requirements which rendered any ‘out of the box’ solution unsuitable. Totalkare have helped us to establish the ideal piece of equipment, allowing us to continue our important efforts across the county in a timely and efficient way.”


ARE YOU CONSIDERING IN-HOUSE BRAKE TESTING?  Get a quick indication of the cost savings available with our easy-to-use brake tester savings calculator or call us for a quotation.