TotalKare’s Dan set to rock the UK with Victory Lane in January!

One of TotalKare’s back office team is trading finance spreadsheets for his Fender Telecaster in the New Year as he heads out for a fortnight-long tour of the UK with his band Victory Lane.

Dan Rowbottom, a Finance Assistant at TotalKare, has fulfilled guitar and backing vocal duties for Victory Lane in his spare time since they began in 2015, and January sees the quintet hit the road with US headlining bands In Her Own Words and For The Win, and Oxford’s Better Than Never.

Dan RowbottomDan joined TotalKare in October 2016 and has since then become a valued member of the team in his role as Finance Assistant, through which he generates accounts, logs purchase invoices, reconciles stock and a variety of other finance-related tasks.

Is it difficult juggling the responsibilities of his day job alongside that of an up-and-coming rock star?

“I am someone to always put my all into everything I have a commitment to,” says Dan, “So when I’m working at TotalKare I am 100% focused on my job, but in my spare time I’m fully committed to the band.  TotalKare has always supported me in everything I’ve done with Victory Lane and colleagues regularly attend our shows when they can – it’s great working for a company that values and supports their people to this extent!”

So what’s next for Victory Lane after the tour?

“We plan on playing as many shows as we can in 2018, perhaps making our overseas debut if the opportunity arises,” says Dan, “We’re recording our second EP in February with renowned producer Romesh Dodangoda (Motorhead, Bring Me The Horizon, Lower Than Atlantis) at Longwave Studios in Cardiff, so then we’ll have the release and subsequent touring to support it to look forward to as well – it’s going to be an exciting year!”

Victory Lane UK tour