Ballards Removals Brings Brake Testing In-House With Totalkare

ballards removals

Long established household removal company, Ballards Removals is set to benefit from significant cost savings and workshop efficiency with the introduction of a Totalkare mobile brake tester and extension ramps.

The East Midlands-based company provides a comprehensive range of secure storage and logistics services, including removals, self-storage, van hire and haulage. Their fleet of vehicles are regularly maintained and tested, and this has been proved by them recently gaining a green score in the OCRS.

With the introduction of Totalkare’s DVSA-approved mobile brake tester, neither the vehicle or its driver are spending time driving to and from the test centre, so they can be back out on the road earning money sooner. The brake tester can test vehicles with up to 16,000kg axle load and can be placed on asphalt, concrete and even on uneven gravel, sand or dirt. Tests can be conducted from the driver’s seat in a matter of minutes, providing a time effective solution and justifying in-house brake testing.

Ballards Removals had also opted for Totalkare’s extension ramps which can be acquired as an add-on to the brake tester. Extension ramps are used to ensure that the load is going through the vehicle axle whilst on the brake tester. If a multi-axle vehicle is being tested, the extension ramps will ensure a level platform for the vehicle, generating a more accurate test result.

Peter Rushmer, at Ballards Removals said “We were impressed by Totalkare’s strong reputation and rapid response to our brake tester enquiry which has allowed us to acquire the perfect package to conduct our brake tests in-house. The brake tester is saving us time, fuel and other costs to ensure that we continue providing the highest level of road safety for our fleet.”

Jack Longstaff, Area Sales Manager at Totalkare, commented “Testing in-house will produce considerable value in the medium to long term, and it will provide a robust and flexible solution which can test a high number of vehicles per day to help improve workshop efficiency. The extension ramps will also help deliver accurate results when performing brake tests.”


Get a quick indication of the cost savings available with our easy-to-use brake tester savings calculator or call us for a quotation.