Are You Making the Most of Your Vehicle Inspection Pit?

Vehicle pits are one of the most versatile workstations you can add to your workshop.

And with the right upgrades and add-ons, such as inspection pit covers, they only get more useful.

So if you’re thinking about investing in a HGV pit for your business — or you’re looking to squeeze more efficiency out of the pit you have — you might not realise just how much these extra bits of equipment can do for you.

Here’s what you need to know about kitting out your inspection pit:

Jacking options for inspection pits

A well-designed Vehicle Inspection Pit gives you extensive access to the underside of your vehicles, with a safe and comfortable space beneath for your teams to work in.

But just like a vehicle lift that uses rails and platforms, you won’t usually have access to the wheels themselves — or the systems and components that sit close to the wheels.

So to give your technicians complete access to every part of the vehicle they’re servicing, you can get a range of Pit Jacks installed directly into your vehicle pit — allowing you to raise your vehicles up from the floor level, without any need for repositioning and using a separate jack.

One of the simplest ways to do this is with a Totalkare Hand Operated Pit Jack — an optional accessory that’s been designed specifically for use in a vehicle inspection pit.

With a lifting capacity of up to 20,000kg, it’s powerful enough to raise almost any commercial vehicle you’re likely to see in a workshop. And with an installation onto the rails of your pit that slides smoothly across the full horizontal length, it’s easily adjustable for any length of vehicle you’re servicing.

For an even easier and faster lifting operation, you could also install an Air Operated Pit Jack, with an air-powered hydraulic lifting mechanism — as well as the same lifting capacity and smooth horizontal sliding you would get with the standard hand-operated model.

And if you’re lifting wider vehicles, or a range of different shapes and sizes?

You can also install a Class 7 Jacking Beam directly onto your vehicle pit, with an adjustable top beam that can be extended to up to 1,700mm.

So no matter what types of vehicles you’ll be working on, you can get a safe and reliable jacking option that’s built specifically for use in a vehicle inspection pit.

Wheel accessories for vehicle pits

Depending on the type of service you’re carrying out, you won’t always need to raise the vehicle to carry out the tests and checks you need for your vehicle’s wheels.

Instead, you’ll need the right tools and testing equipment built directly onto your pit — for a convenient and accessible testing station in one single location.

With a Totalkare Play Detector installed across your inspection pit, you’ll be able to conduct single-person wheel checks using a fitted control system and a handheld remote control — using lateral and rotational movement to test for wear and play in the suspension and steering joint components.

Or if you simply need a wider angle of access to the wheels and the tyres, you can upgrade your inspection pit with our heavy-duty Radius Plates — allowing you to turn the wheels of the vehicle you’re servicing, without using the steering wheel inside the vehicle.

Brake Testing for pits

If you’re setting up shop as a Class 7 MOT Bay, you’ll need dedicated and reliable brake testing equipment.

And while a Mobile Brake Tester is a fantastic option for lots of workshops, an In-Ground Brake Tester is often the best choice for workshops that are already using a vehicle pit.

(That’s why we already include an in-ground brake tester as a part of our prefabricated Compact Pit — a one-stop shop that includes everything you need for a comprehensive vehicle pit.)

By installing one of our DVSA-approved In-Ground Brake Testers across your existing vehicle inspection pit, you’ll be able to carry out the essential brake testing you need on your vehicles from a single, convenient workstation — without taking up extra space on your workshop floor, and without the need to reposition your vehicles or lower them from a vehicle lift first.

With a maximum axle load of up to 20,000kg, our In-Ground Brake Testers are more than enough for the vast majority of commercial vehicles. And with its handheld tablet unit that communicates wirelessly with the brake tester, you can test from the comfort of the driver’s seat in a matter of minutes.


Enhancing Safety and Efficiency with Inspection Pit Covers

To further enhance the functionality and safety of your vehicle inspection pit, consider utilising inspection pit covers. These covers provide several benefits, including preventing debris and objects from falling into the pit, improving the overall cleanliness of the workspace, and reducing the risk of accidents or injuries. Garage pit covers are designed to fit securely over the pit, creating a protective barrier when the pit is not in use.

By using inspection pit covers, you can ensure that your pit remains clean and free from contaminants that could potentially damage or interfere with the vehicles being serviced. Additionally, garage pit covers help maintain a professional appearance in your workshop, creating a more organised and efficient working environment.


Want to get the most out of your workshop’s pit?

Whether you’re setting up an MOT bay or servicing your own fleet, a vehicle inspection pit is one of the simplest and easiest testing stations your workshop can use.

And with the right upgrades and add-ons, it becomes even more versatile — helping you to save space, save time, and improve the throughput of the vehicles you service.

So if you’re looking for ways to make your vehicle pits more efficient, check out our full range of Vehicle Pit Accessories in our online store — or start a chat with a vehicle pit expert to find out exactly what your workshop needs.