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Specialising in the transportation of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Liquified Natural Gas (LNG), AD Fuels has ignited a relationship with workshop equipment experts Totalkare after securing a single-phase mobile brake tester to ensure time and money is saved compared to outsourcing brake tests.

As a leading independent road haulage provider in biogas, the company’s dedicated fleet includes cryogenic LNG trailers and high-capacity MEGC (Multiple-element Gas Containers) for the transportation of liquified and compressed natural gas. By bringing brake testing in house, it will complete the company’s onsite Preventive Maintenance Inspections (PMI) by avoiding down time with traveling to offsite testing stations.


Due to the nature of gas and CO2 being highly flammable, AD Fuels have an open plan workshop with the mobile brake tester situated outside, allowing the specially built trailers and storage solutions to be tested. As Totalkare’s brake tester can be deployed on asphalt, concrete and even on uneven gravel, sand or dirt, it is the ideal solution for the company to keep their vehicles tested and maintained.


The DVSA-approved mobile brake tester is simple yet strong and flexible. Totalkare’s standard model can test up to 16,000 kg axle load but can be upgraded to test up to 20,000kg. Supplied as standard with every brake tester is a tablet unit that communicates wirelessly with the brake tester and uses a virtual display to show all the readings of the test, enabling brake tests to be conducted from the driver’s seat in a matter of minutes.

“Due to the hazardous gases and fuels being transported in our vehicles, test centres were not keen on having our vehicles at their sites, which is why we made the decision to bring brake testing into our own workshop,” commented Mick Brown, Operations Director at AD Fuels, “The brake tester is increasing our productivity from the offset, as we can test our vehicles at flexible times without fearing that a test centre may be closed during specific times in the day.”

Totalkare’s John Ray, Area Sales Manager for the South of England, said: “Testing in-house will produce considerable value in the medium to long term, and it will provide a robust and flexible solution which can test a high number of vehicles per day to help improve workshop efficiency. With the brake tester being single-phase and used outdoors, it shows the level of customisation that Totalkare’s brake tester can provide.”



Considering the switch to in-house brake testing?  Try out Totalkare’s brake tester ROI calculator or contact them for a no obligation quote.