6 things about two post lifts your boss wants to know

about two post lifts

Depending on what vehicles are being lifted in a garage or workshop, there exists a variety of lifting solutions, especially in the heavy-duty space.  We explain 6 things about Two Post Lifts and why one is such a solution that is growing in popularity in workshops up and down the United Kingdom and further afield.  So, what’s behind this increasing interest?

It’s perfect for long wheelbase vans

Over the past few years, the UK has witnessed a sharp increase in the number of courier companies on the road, with their fleets made up mostly of vans. With a safe working load of 5,500kg, the Two Post Lift can lift these vehicles with ease, including the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Volkswagen Crafter and even the heaviest vehicle in its class, the new Iveco Daily. It’s ideal for companies with a large fleet of vans requiring regular maintenance and/or repair work.

Quick and easy lifting

With no ramp required, lifting a vehicle is as simple as driving it in, positioning the lifting arms appropriately and away you go! The fast, simple set up allows for swift vehicle inspection – crucial for busy workshops.

Control from either side

Another time-saving feature is the fact the Two Post Lift can be operated from both posts, removing the need to walk to the other side of the Lift to raise or lower the vehicle after working on the opposite side.

Wheel-free access

One major advantage the Two Post Lift holds over four post or mobile column lifts is that it lifts from the chassis, providing access to the underside of the vehicle, the wheels and associated operations without the need for support stands. Again, this enables maintenance engineers to go about their business swiftly and effectively, boosting productivity in busy light commercial garages.

Integrated 220v connections

The Two Post Lift features integrated power supply, so engineers can plug their power tools straight into the lift, removing the need to trail power cables across the workshop and the associated slip and trip hazards that come with them.

Built-in safety measures

Both columns of the Two Post Lift feature an integrated mechanical safety latch. These lock the carriage in position in the event of a rare malfunction. Furthermore, the lift has a top limit bar to prevent vehicles being lifted too high by automatically locking the supporting arms.

In light of the above, while the Two Post Lift may not have the same flexibility as mobile column lifts, there are some clear advantages for those reviewing their workshop’s vehicle lifting facilities.