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The 6 Essential Lifting Tools That Every Workshop Needs

Every workshop knows it needs a strong and reliable vehicle lift.

But with so much focus on the heavy-duty equipment, it’s easy to forget about all the essential extras – the invaluable supporting tools that make working on vehicles safer and faster.

So we’ve put together this essential list of the most important secondary lifting tools that no workshop should be without.

And we’ll start with the one that’s easy to overlook:


1.  Access Steps

It’s not the most exciting piece of kit in your workshop – but a set of mobile access steps is essential for the safety of anyone who needs to work at a height.

(And if you’re working on large vehicles being raised on mobile column lifts, that means everyone!)

So what should you be looking for? You’ll need a set of steps with:

  • A strong and robust frame – but one that’s relatively light for easy repositioning
  • A handrail and an integral anti-ascent bar
  • And an integral brake system – to hold the steps in place when you’re using them.

Our standard mobile Access Steps come with a platform height of 1.75m, with extra sizes available on request.


2.  Transmission Jacks

When you’re dealing with heavy vehicles, even their individual parts can be too much to handle alone.

But with a stable and mobile Transmission Jack, you can safely remove and replace entire gearboxes and engines from underneath a raised vehicle – and it can even be done by a single mechanic.

With a two-way tilt for precise positioning, infinite adjustability in length and width, and a full range of adaptor plates for some of the most popular vehicle brands, you’ll get the flexibility and safety you need to handle heavy parts in tight spaces – without any risky manual movement.


3.  Bottle Jacks

Some jobs in the workshop won’t always need a full-on vehicle lift: things like changing tyres or working on brake assemblies. And when space is limited, the handy hydraulic Bottle Jack becomes your new best friend.

With a slim cylindrical body and a vertical extension (shaped just like a real bottle), you can get the low-level lifting your workshop needs in tight spaces – with incredible portability, and without taking up too much space in the storage room.

But don’t let its slender size fool you: our own Heavy Duty Bottle Jacks can lift anywhere from 3,000 to 30,000kg, depending on the model.


4.  Support Stands

Mobile column lifts are perfect for safely raising vehicles to access their undercarriage. But what happens when you need to work on the area that’s attached to the lift?

In those cases, you’ll need a robust and stable Support Stand to replace the column lift you need to remove.

With a capacity of 7,500kg and a maximum height of 2,030mm on the taller model, our adjustable Support Stands can help you get access to the wheels, axles, or other points of contact that would usually be obstructed by the lift itself.


5.  Trolley Jacks

Just like with the Bottle Jack, you won’t always need to raise the whole vehicle to a full height. So when you’re changing tyres or performing low-level maintenance or repairs, a mobile Trolley Jack can give you the quick access you need, without putting up an entire set of column lifts.

Our own Trolley Jacks come in two variations: the High Level Trolley Jack for extra lifting height with a lower weight capacity, or the High Capacity Trolley Jack for lifting heavier weights to a lower elevation.


6.  Pit Jacks

Vehicle inspection pits are great for easy access and free movement under your vehicles. But sometimes, even a deep pit won’t give you enough vertical space.

So if you’re running a workshop with a vehicle inspection pit, you’re going to need a reliable Pit Jack – to help you quickly and safely lift heavy vehicles that are under inspection.

Our own Pit Jacks come in two variations, each with independent rams, quiet operation, and a mechanical safety lock. The Hand Operated Pit Jack lifts from 12,000 to 20,000kg, and the Air Operated Pit Jack lifts from 12,000 to 40,000kg.


Looking for the next big upgrade?

Lifting vehicles is serious business. And if you want your teams to do it safely and quickly, you’ll need some serious gear to match it.

So if you’re after the best in vehicle workshop safety equipment, take a look through our new online shop to find the best deals on the highest quality kit.