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5 transport podcasts you really should be listening to

5 transport podcasts you really should be listening to

Success in any business needs continual learning.

And that’s no different when it comes to the transport industries.

But with so many resources out there (and such limited time for busy business owners!) it can seem overwhelming to try and keep up with the latest industry news and developments.

So to help you jump straight into the most vital and useful resources around, we’ve done the hard part for you – curating a selection of the most insightful and exhaustive transport podcasts we could find.

Ready to learn and grow your business? Here are the best places to start:


1.  HDT Talks Trucking

Heavy Duty Trucking (HDT) is an award-winning US publication, and a respected media leader for trucking and its allied industries.

Its flagship podcast, ‘HDT Talks Trucking’ has over 18 months of in-depth trucking topics to sink your teeth into – from expert insights and interviews with industry professionals, to the latest news, trends, and technology that can help you run your fleet more safely and profitably.

They’ve got a dedicated team of seasoned trucking journalists, deep in discussion over topics like AI trucks, futuristic fuels, and the work-life balance of today’s modern fleet drivers.  And much of the content is every bit as applicable in the UK as it is in the US.

Our top pick: “Are Two AI Trucks Twice as Good as One?”, April 2021.



WrenchWay is a transport podcast aimed at workshops – and it’s packed with top tips to help shop owners run their businesses in a more profitable, efficient, and successful way.

It’s the brainchild of Jay Goninen, the President and Founder of WrenchWay – a company dedicated to helping automotive workshops find the best tech talent to help their workshops succeed.

Each week, Jay sits down with technicians, shop owners, instructors, and other vehicle-based professionals – giving them a platform to share their personal and professional stories, and the insights they’ve learned along the way.

It’s a US-based podcast with plenty of US-based guests – but it’s still brimming with universal topics that are every bit as relevant to any workshop in the UK.

Our top pick: “How to Create a Career Path for Your Technicians”, February 2021.


3.  Track Talk

Track Talk is the official podcast of Rail Technology Magazine, one of the UK’s leading publications for companies in the rail industry.

With a deep library of in-depth content stretching back almost two years, Track Talk is the go-to resource for anyone who works with rail – giving you up-to-date industry news and an all-access pass to some of the key decision makers in the industry.

Each new episode of the transport podcast brings you a new special guest, from railway engineers to government transport officials – all of them ready to dive into topics like green energy, passenger safety, and the future of rail technology.

Our top pick: “Safely Shaping a Sustainable Railway”, February 2020.


4.  Lunch with Leon

After a successful career as a high-level director at Transport for London, Leon Daniels is now bringing his years of expertise and deep insight to his thought leadership transport podcast, Lunch with Leon (sponsored by TOTALKARE).

Featuring interviews with leading figures from the transport industry – including data analysts, C-suite executives, and research directors – each new episode brings you high-level commentary and in-depth debates about the progress and future of transport in the UK.

Our top pick: “Episode 37 – Prof. John Miles” (Director of Research in Transitional Strategies at the University of Cambridge), May 2021.


5.  CV Focus

Matt Eisenegger’s CV Focus (sponsored by TOTALKARE) is all about the commercial vehicle industry – from the latest technology and upcoming issues, to the state of the industry and the short and long-term future it holds.

Each new episode brings you a special guest interview with a leading figure in the commercial vehicle industry, where they’ll be talking intelligent vehicles, renewable energy, and the evolving shift towards a greener and more eco-friendly industry.

Our top pick: “Episode 15 – Russell Fowler” (Where are we going to get all the power from to charge electric vehicles?), March 2021.